3-N-1 Handbag
Ladies , the world just got a little simpler.
The bag we have for you can convert in to a Urban handbag that allows you to just be you.
But when your out playing and handling business you can turn the handbag in to the hand
free mode and wear it under you coat of  suit jacket.

For a night on the town, you can convert the handbag into a evening bag. At the bottom of
you handbag is a hidden pouch.  Just separate the Velcro and pull out the hidden nylon bag
that can be pulled up to over your Fatt Trixx bag. This shinny cover is just what you will need  
to show the world that you got style and class.

    You can also cover your bag in hands free mode too. That's a added bonus along
    with the Free matching driving gloves you will automatic receive when you order. Just
    chose from the color chart below and when you come to the payment page you can
    choose the size that fit you.
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H1N1 Swine Flu Out Break

In the United States this year H1N1 Swine flue wide-scale infections, possibly 30,000 to 90,000 deaths, mostly among young
children and young adults, and perhaps as many as 300,000 sick enough to require intensive care unit treatment at hospitals.
How would you prevent your self from being one of the unfortunate ones? What can you do?

Using hand disinfect can only work if you constant use them all day all the time and no one you know can possibly do that. We
have the solution to this problem, Wear gloves when you come in contact with things outside your home. Fatt Trixx
Environmental safety gloves can allow you the care free notion that everything you put you hands on cant make you sick with
the H1N1 virus.
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The worlds  first ever  pop out  velvet container that folds down flat to be placed on a hidden
the  popout is designed to hold your smartphone 3n1 bag turning it into a clutch purse    
luxury style
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