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Job Creation program with parking garage.
Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC
By Tyrone Austin

Problem Being Addressed:
5 Story Parking garage Off peek time program.
The Thrill seekers Challenge. Creating Jobs wit off peek time  in every US City with a parking
garage that has up to 3 stories, beast case  is a 5 story building. 11 stories buildings  can be
advanced to  minim adventure centers.

Looking to purchase off peek time
Looking to purchase off peek time from parking garage thought the US. Prime peek time for week
ends and after 5:30. The time slots we are looking  to purchase is the time your building in not
being used. It  must  be a elevated ramp sloping  system to have one of these amusement parks  
installed inside of it. The elevated system needs to be attached to the  ceiling as one complete
track so each person  can have a smooth ride down.

A Overhead Rail System
Using a rail system that’s attached to the ceiling of the building will give each passenger a sip line  
experience. We can build these system in any US City  with the free spacing available.
Each rider on this over heard railing zip line system will began  on an elevated platform closes to
the ceiling, attach their wheel rollers and lunch off down the first part of the gravity  powered thrill
seekers rush.

This Off peek time is prime for  adventure events.    
Connecting locations can offer more  advance setting application.
Building to building connections sliding systems is a short escape through a window opening
across open ground (City Street) into a second nearby building  to continual the experience in a
second location. While using color coder  tracks we can offer  different  adventures  with each
color. One color may be a drop off  or a stopping  landing  pad.  A second color will allow a
passenger  the chance to go directly to the bottom,  and a third my allow a passenger  a trip to
the second location across the street with a quick turn  to the left and out a  window. The sight  
will be breath taking when the ground vanishes from your feet.
If some building will allow we will we will attach exterior sliding systems that will take you around
the building and maybe drop a few floors too before you smooth out  to a nice high speed cruse.
Projections :  We expect to see people from all ages venturing  down these tracking system.
Videos posted on social networks will increase the popularity of this thrill seekers rush.

Games And Challenges
The amount of games we can create with this racking rail system is off the chart. We can develop
time challenges to ability stunts. With all sorts of turns  and twist you can put a person through
while elevated on an extension while  riding down a gravity  rail system.
Throwing, aiming, twisting, speed, shooting, grabbing, dropping games that has more verity that
any net work gaming show.

COMPETITION for best time events for CASH PRIZES will be a crowd drawer and cause
people to want to pay to train  or even create a city to city circuit that allow  people to compete for
cash money and prizes.  Video  tape top segment and  market it to the major net works to draw
advertisement dollars and team sponsorship.

Any Questions  
Tyrone Austin
How To Get The
Money You Need To
             Start And Grow Your Business

Re posted
By Inventor "Tyrone Austin"
Why Business Credit is Good
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the number 1 problem people face when
starting or growing a business is the lack of money.
It doesn't matter how great your plans are - or how big your goals - without the funds to make
them both a reality, you don't make a dime.
If you're like most people, you have a long list of things you would buy for your business if you only had the
money to purchase them. In many cases, the services, materials and supplies you can't get right now are ALL
that's standing in the way of you making good money in your business.
If you only had the money to do these things, just think about how much money you'd make!
What would you do if I told you that you could have all of those things on your list for your
business, and it has nothing to do with personal credit or taking a personal risk? If I was
standing in front of you, you would probably give me a big hug and ask for more information.
Here's the answer:

Your business can establish separate credit lines and a separate credit score. Even starting from scratch, your
business can get $10,000 to $15,000 in credit in the next 5 weeks. You can grow from there to $100,000 or
more in the next few months.
Business credit works much the same was as your personal credit except that you're not
personally responsible for paying the money - your business is responsible. Your personal
situation (personal credit, income, assets, debts, etc.) does not enter into this.
If you're one of the many people with credit or debt problems, this is great news. None of those issues will stop
you getting business credit to start and grow your business!
It is almost as if you have a clean slate for your business. You can make sure you don’t repeat the same
mistakes in your business as you did with your personal credit. Even better, once you've obtained some
business credit cards (with no personal guarantee, of course), you can get cash advances on those cards you
can use to pay off personal debt so you can improve your personal credit rating!
So, let’s take a look at how you can establish business credit, maintain a good business credit score, and the
types of business credit you can take advantage of when getting your business to the point you want it.
Raising Money with Crowd Funding.
Zip Line ROLLERS  and Gravity Rails.
The speed junkie quick fix for that much needed RUSH!!
Zip Line Roller