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Community Project 101
By Tyrone Austin
Inventions Designs & Concepts

We at Inventions Designs and Concepts have a mission to
help revitalize and build new neighborhoods. We have
devised  this project around the simple function “helping out
in creating projects” with  the community help.

We seen project that only help those who have Credit but we
feel that if you can pay rent for 20 years some where , then
you should have a home of you own to maintain.  Projects
Habitat for Humanity  This program will put  you in debt  it
you ever fall off with the house and cant pay  the bank back
the 30 year loan. That’s too much like rolling the dice and a
lot of us can't afford  to be placed in that situation whit help.
Banks dose no better. We sit back and watch these building
fall apart while the banks holds the deeds. “We have people
call the baby boomer getting ready to settle in  for the rest of
their lives” BIG BANKS need to switch the way they hold on
to property that they have in their stock pile. “Each
neighborhood community should reserve the right to repair  
or  tare down old Building that surrounds their  homes”.   

Funding  this program will create opportunities for people to
rent home for 30 years and just flat out own them. We see
that taking place in the years to come but for now let’s start
off slow and see what works and what’s not working  with the
community progress.

How this program work?
Community Block Power
CBP is a program that allows you the Home owner  the
Power or your Community . Do it together and get it done at
one time.
When your Block forms a CBP it has to have 10  or more
buildings applying  for the same services. This allows you to
save when you buy materials for construction and having
services rendered like Lawn or Tuck pointing.
Each work week will stretch 5 days  for up to 5 city Blocks.
One day a Week will be spent on each  CBP block. The more
connecting CBP in arrow, the more the community will
improve and advance.

Your CBP can have all the services  like (1)Interior, (2)
Exterior, (3)Lawn, (4)Winterization, (5)Block Cleaners. (6)
Emergency Maintenance 24hr.
Organise your Block today !
Contact you city alderman and ask to help get the people together  in your
communities.  Send this link to them so they can see what is so good about this
program that will be starting
SOON in you neighborhood.
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