Winterization Program
Winterization Program  is a tax deductible feature we
have added to out services. We will offer to come to
you homes and check to see where you are spending
the most money  in heating  your home.  We will
check for heat loss and way to help you save money
on you monthly bills.

When we finish we will return  for a follow up check to
do a walk trough or the changes we have suggested
to improve you living qualities and lowing your
monthly bills.
While inspecting your homes we will take laser
tempters  of each room.

Then we make  some changes  then re take the
rooms tempters to show you the difference  that will
save you money .
Ways to DONATE to help out.
The exchange is this. There are many ways  that you can help out and donate  to help this
project. You can look for Out Web Videos  that we will post on like . We will set links at a
later date.  We will be using YouTube to hold this promotion,  We ask that if you wish to
DONATE  or like help out. You don’t even need to  leave you home or job  to do so. You
don’t need to volunteer some hard back breaking work. All you need to do is CLICK!
That’s correct
Click on our web  videos and advertisement links. YouTube and Google
Adds are paying up to  $1.00 every 20,000 hits and yes always leave a commit and click
“LIKE” button
Don’t forget  
CLICK and CLICK  and CLICK  and CLICK  up to 5 times a day.  Work, School
and communities can join in too. We wish to have 10,000,000 clicks by summers end. Then
we will start Building HOMES.

Donate and
Thank you.
Tax rebate #1
Energy Bills #2

It’s the End of the year!! Take that receipt  to the
Tax auditor and see what you will get back for 2012
tax returns.
Community BLOCK  power

Sign up as an Individual  or a CPB group.
Sign up today and save tomorrow.
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