TRIX Maintenance Service
We Provide service to all.

CBP clients get the best price.
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If  it's  old  or  broken  we  can fix  or  replace  it !
Additional services available:

 Security: Reinstalling Locks, Secure doors, windows, plumbing winterization.
 24 Hour Emergency Service:  Security, repairs, maintenance. (314) 721-0248
 Maintenance: Lawn Care, and landscaping options.
 Painting: Interior, exterior and cosmetic repair.
 Flooring: Hardwood, Tile, Linoleum, Carpet/ Pad removal and installation.
 Drywall: Repair, removal and installation.
 Fixture and Appliance: Removal and installation.
 Interior Appliance Cleaning: Pricing may depend on each individual appliance.
 Electrical: New service, panel box, meter swap, outlets, switches, Light fixtures.
 Removal of Furniture
 Removal of Trash
 Debris in and around property
 Removal of Damaged Flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum)
 Carpet cleaning
Allow Trixx Maintenance the
opportunity  to get you non livable
buildings back in shape at no cost to
you, If you can prove that the
property is yours legally with or with
leans in some cases,  Trixx
maintenance will go in  and make it

How do you pay?
Just by allowing us to manage ,
maintain and collect all rent until total
amount is repaid by tenet.

That's because it is. If you cant fix it
up  or have no time to do so, just
allow us to do it for you. It's not
making any money just sitting there
and the Banks is waiting?
Trixx Maintenance Rehab now offers one-stop real estate services
for CPB, realtors, banks, investment companies, mortgage companies
and home owners.

Your non livable home, rental or investment
property will be secured, cleaned, and re-habbed for showing.  
We are committed to bringing you the personal attention,
reliability, quality care and the royal treatment if you so deserve it!

Trixx Maintenance understand today's competitive market and the need to get your properties ready for
showing quickly. It is essential in getting properties sold or rented fast!  We will provide prompt turn
around in repairing your property for the market as well as reliable short or long term care of the It profit
sharing we can set your rehab property for customized requirements.

Trixx Maintenance understand the communities time and money is recycled back into these rehab
projects.! So when you call, we know you need us and we know you mean business. You won't be
waiting around in vain for our contractors to show up, and you can rest assured we will complete the
rehab building on time and within our man power budget.

Trixx One-Stop-Services
We can customize each rehab program to meet man power, budget, supplies and specific needs.
Standard services include:
Total      Rehab      Service   FREE!   FREE    FREE!
Community BLOCK  power
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Got a old vacant building and you can’t fix it up at the present time? Wish a Maintenance team of
worker elf’s would just walk in and fix  the place back up while you sleep? If you answered Yes then
the choice will be so easy.
Why? Because we will do just that. Trixx maintenance service will complete the task in exchange for
management and collecting of any rent until the total amount of the rehab is reimburse.  This includes
any labor, supplies, construction, insurance and upkeep of any property we are willing to invest in at
no charge to you.

Do note that every building in St. Louis City cant be saved. In the near future we will start a NEW
Home Project that will make Habitat For Humanity  out dated. We will call it Trixx Home stead Project.
We will soon be building Home that people can afford maintain for 30 years. The twist is that when
that 30 years are up.

                               The home is yours. Flat out!

This is my dream for every vacant lot  in St.Louis City and old  warn out home.
Inventions Designs & Concepts

Trixx maintenance service will enter a contract  with the owner or said property and work out the
terms  &construction in the rehab building. A pound the final  decision we will comments construction
on said building. Upon completion the estimated bill will be presented to owner  that will explain  the
length of control of said property. We the will move to the next  step of  occupying the building with a  
with resident  or tenets. When total cost of services are collected from tenets Trixx will turn over all
collection and issues of said property in contract.

                                     You’d  need not to worry
                                     Services will be rendered
      Your property will be returned and I even better shape it was in before .
GUIDES to finding a apartment in St. Louis City. Just click the link below.  
Remember to Call Trixx Maintenance Service to survey your Unit before you move in.
And when you move out to help you collect your security deposit. 100%