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Trixx Maintenance HAVC Service

Install  **  Repair  **  Update

Is it Hot this summer?  Trixx has a AC check Service for Just $25.
But we first have a word for you
“Cottonwood” ? It’s your Out door AC unit  
Standard service listed.
AC Filter clean or Replace,
AC Coils clean and check,
Ventilation Check,
Air Flow Check,
Oil Fan and motors,
System Split Check? Some people experience a hike in energy bill when they turn on
their AC in the summer time. The home owner soon finds out that the Heat and AC were
running at the same time causing the spike?  By calling our service we will check for
those little flaws and save you a HUGE service call bill. Call today to set up an
Individual pricing available . CBP membership group discount apply.
So remember!!  
“Cottonwood” “kryptonite”

Side walk ACID WASH
Call Trixx to mildly acid wash your Patio, Sidewalk, Porch, Drive way , then Power wash
away all the debree. To finish the job we will apply a coat of sealant to keep the harmful
elements off your pavement like rock salt and freezing water.
Individual pricing available . CBP membership group discount apply.
Exterior Power Washing: This service is available to all residential and commercial clients
as a single service or in addition to their regular cleaning. Residential services that
benefit from power  washing include driveways, concrete, awnings, brickwork, wood/vinyl
decks, vinyl and aluminum siding.

Apartment Make Ready Service at the best going group price ever
Trixx Apartment Make ready service will  be the crew you depend on to
help save you money on getting that unit livable  and ready to be rented
as fast as possible. We can also offer you a group rate for Apartment
Make Ready Service at the best going group price ever.

We specialize in
Hotel STAR RATING. We have taken a 1star Hotel  and
in 3 months turned it into a 3 star hotel. Thus saving  the hotel from losing
it’s charter and hotel chain name.

Owners that want it all.
Cosmetic Construction and Total Make Over with all the Hi-tech gadgets
to boot.  If you  got  the dime  we got the time. Turn your home into a
dream with just a phone call. Individual pricing available

Don’t for get Trixx  Total Rehabing service and all you need to do is turn
over control until we recouped for all our time. It’s basically  the same as if  
some one else you don’t   know is paying  you bill before you spent a dime
or made any effort.

Owners  That Rent Out
Have a problem property? Paying to get  the same job done twice? Is
there's always something wrong with a unit. Do you need a maintenance
service that can get the job done right? If so. We have a service for you
that will help you solve a lot of your day to day problems when it comes to
maintaining you buildings. Knowing that you have some one to call and
you will soon find out that you will only need to call them only once and not
every worry about the reason you called in the first place.

NO! you don’t have that nice size lump to fix you entire house up all at
once, but we can help you maintain it and improve upon it’s quality over a
period of time.  Watch your neighbors change.  Watch your
neighborhood  change.  Watch a community pull together while we
improve on our self’s.
I see St. Louis City coming together  with a maintenance service that you
will grow to trust.
Individual pricing available. CBP membership group discount apply.
Owners That Rent
CBP services (1)Interior, (2)Exterior, (3)Lawn,
(4)Winterization, (5)Block Cleaners. (6) Emergency
Maintenance 24hr.
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