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Trixx presents Ironing Pros. A new way
to create Jobs and a much needed

Need it Pressed and looking Sharp!
Ironing Pros can do the job.

Ironing Prows is a small sector of Invention Designs &
Concepts that serves a few different purposes and demands
that stresses out our daily lives.
First off is the duty of pressing you clothes .
Next, that task get even greater when you have 2 or 3 kids.
A Ironing Pro specialist will come to you home to perform this
service at little charge to you. We will bring all of the needed
items to complete the home visiting service. The service
specialist will  count out the item you wish to have presses
and follow the manufactures instructions  that are  on the
tags and labels.

For the sum of $35 you can have all you children clothing
press and fold’s ready for  the school week. This leaves you  
with little or no problems to care for.  You will rest ashore to
know that you kids can just jump up and get it going .
Got a bead wetter?
If so you know how fast they bust burn through a pile of
clean clothing and that human noise detector just burns
your sinuses to the membranes every time you sniff to sort.
Not with
Ironing prows, you will be able to tell if you
children clothing is fresh just by the eye. That crisp clean
look will just be too noticeable among those clothing that
have been just flung amongst the your child's room so haste
The money you will save from not re washing clean  will pay
for it's self.
Hood wonder to Business men
Becoming a man in this new society is difficult. Most of us only
iron clothes to go Out or a wake. Looking sharp all  the time is
too expensive?  NOT!! You can look as good as  you want  for a
small set  price.
Going  the Way of  the Caveman in 2011 seems  to be the way
of fashion this year. The frailer to evolve from
Hood to Go
can now be breached
You can get  40  items presses  and folded for  just $35.00. That’
s enough clean and press outfits  to last a single person one
month.  Way better  than buying a new outfit  to just wear  for
one day that  will cost you
$150.00 or less. lol
You should think about nice suite and jackets to shake  the old
way of life away and start saving. Enjoy you life and the way you
look.  Then see how the world  will look at you based on your

The finish Product
When you see the finish product you will be amazed every time.
You family will love  the finish product too. Fresh pressed crisp
clothing just waiting to be put away.

We at Ironing Pros understand that your only human and we
cant do everything all at once. We all could use a little help in
our day to day lives.
When calling Ironing Pros we can take a weeks worth of worry
and stress if you truly hate repartition.
“Why pay when my kid can do it them self’s”lol... But it wont look
as good.
40 items
Great gift for some one you know and care about
that TRULY need the help and service.
Just one use of this service
will change all of that ?
Life can be so simple.
Ironing Pros.
Best Value!
Contact Ironing Pros
We will be happy to
serve you !

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for contact
Job title:
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up Service
Please tell me the time you wish to be
visited , comments, or work ordrer
20 Pairs
of paints
That's 4 Kids
School Clothes  for
By summer of 2011
We are willing to Bet
our service up agents your
CellPhone Bill.
Witch would You pay?
This is a 12 hr a work day
service. We start at 9:00 a.m
till 9:00 p.m. We preform  full
time too part time working
days.  Setting up
appointments monthly  or
bi-weekly service is Strongly
recommended. You can also
prefer a  6 month contract
with  us if you so chose so
and lock in your referred Iron
Worker for that term.
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Ironing And Clothes Washing
Services Could Be An Excellent
Working At Home Opportunity For
Both Men And Women
Posted on April 2, 2011 by fahad

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