The Resort
Sleeping Solutions
Housing for HUD
5102-5140 Farlin Ave
St Louis, MO 63115
This is the RED TAPE that the US President was talking about. Allow ID&C to obtain the amount and use this Program as a collateral service to back
up the system you have in place.  Once we are able to construct the floor plains and are up and running, we should be able to  run this project on  
our own with out any Government (GSA) assistance. ID&C designs programs that work. Creating jobs and  making revenue to sustain  it self.
Getting America back on it’s feet for just $100 per month to house 1500+..

Why pass up a deal like that? ID&C has the program that will be your support system in that housing market. When the job lay’s off and  the land
lord want  you out  on the streets. Don’t cause them to wait until  the courts date is served by summons and the eviction notice is posted on the door
, INK STILL WET.  When that so  called security deposit will be lost if we keep doing this  the old way.
If ID&C had it our way, It will never happened again after 2012 in the USA .
Even  before it comes to that point we will be most happy to provide any US Resident with a Place  to Rebuild.

Please allow ID&C to start this process

Thank you..

24 CFR 576.45(c)

We at ID&C propose to be a 50/50 setting it HUD and ESG agree to these term  for profits 50%. Income move in 50% will help any one who needs
Help that’s mentally unstable. ID&C do not want to endanger any one living in our Major housing facility. We want people  who can control them self
at all times in our quite Major housing facility. We set our standards to Rebuild not Take Care of.

An AAR report saying that a house for $95,000 can put back $60,000 back into our Economy.
ID&C propose that if you house one family into a possible debit for $95,000 + interest from the Bank loan for around 13%. We  can house 17
families for  that same price and get them back on their feet in two years for $55 per month paid for by ESG founds.

Net working with Block Hawley under Jay  Assistance we plain to use a location at 5105 Farlin ave , St. Lois Missouri to start this project.

5105 Farlin St. Louis Missouri
How many can we House
Addressing the Homeless Need
Up coming events
Safety net for city.

Inside of Location:
Building information
Handy cap accessibility:

1st level
2nd Level:
LL Level

Rest rooms(sections)
Room Designs  ! Capsule 3 to 4 capsule 5 to 10 capsules
Service: out source,  social service.

Who is the Building Design for?
This building was original a wear house  that was abandon. This location only need inner framing and plumbing to make it livable. We need worked
on the inner to make it over  to become a Major housing facility for people in need. We designed this location  for  Homeless, Batter woman, teen of
age, single parents with 2 or more  kids,  parents with 5 of more kids, , land lords  kicking people out,  family  borders, Disable,  under  or  part time
workers, Veterans, people on SSI, people  living in home  that are over crowded.

Problem We SOLVE
Stress when readjusting families mover to start over  and need a helping hand. Start up families  who don’t wish to cause a burden on other families
and friend because of their decisions. Readjusting families starting over with little to no income that need a location to call home for the time being.
Fighting over all crowding of families home that are badly in need of repairs. Reduce monthly bill you incur living in out dated old fashion European
style homes. Over all dependability on government  help.  Taking the burden off the state and giving it back to the people.

Group Meetings Staff & Resident
As you will see in our floor plains. That ID&C have designs a lot of public  spacing to hold any type of  meeting. We will have  wall monitors  
broadcasting any information to help the resident understand if there is a message to get out. Also we will be using the over head inner come
system to broad cast and need to be known information through the building. If addition space is needed, we will rent spacing at the Neighborhood
recreation center located 1 ½ block away at “Mathew Dickey Boys and girls club.

Activities at Location
We provide, Roof top garden, Shopping, Social Service, Out souring programs, Café, Exercise Ramps, Study Hall, Barber shops,  Open 24 hr a
day  7 days  a week.

Area Surrounding  the proposes Site
Bus  line  for public transportation, restaurants, police department, recreation center,  Schools, Privet and public, Grocery stores,  all in a 3 block

Additional Maps.

ID&C List is adopted for the Pat Morgan of partners of Homeless

The list you see is the division and distribution of  room  in this location if financed by government.
Each room has a set amount of  Sleeping capsules in each, so 10 rooms can mean 1000 sleeping capsule  or 10 room can  mean 40 sleeping
capsules. Each floor has different styles of capsule to meet the need of individuals.

Floors     Section     SEG/HUD     ROOMS     Rooms SEG_HUD        Rooms  ID&C

See floor maps to locate sections for  total bead /capsule number.

We can provide affordable Housing in a comfortable setting, No day to day labors will change in you house hold living duty.  You will wake up and
do what you would normally do in any  living setting.  
Co-Ed supporting settings are welcomed. What is Co-Ed ? This is a group of people living together to save up to buy a car, House, business,
service, and no race sex or religion sanctions are involved.

Room  Sections
Each room section is divided by assigned floors and needs. Some sections are set for each organizations because of numbers and needs. Single
parents with children may need a privet section with up to 5 capsules, Some may need just one capsule because they have no dependents. Some
who may want to reside at our location may want to say in family group settings to save up to move on,  some may need to sat in mix groups and are
on a business venture and moved entire families into  one section to help save up.
Certain organizations my need more bed/sleeping capsules than other and we see a future debate on that so we like to  nip it in the bud now. “Cut
the Government  Red Taps as the President said”  Then IDE&C can build more building for the total amount in need at one given time.  Until then we
will share as needed.

If they Need a place to say Just send them over  to us. ID & C  has the rooming for them all , We can hold  over 1500 people. Monthly revenue

5102-5140 Farlin Ave
St Louis, MO 63115
Lower level (LL) See sections 1 – 7
104 rooms on this floor with an average of  15  to 20 sleeping capsules. This LL is designed for sing men and women , The people on this floor can
combined into groups to crate  small  start up business and new Companies.

5102-5140 Farlin Ave
St Louis, MO 63115
First Floor  see 1 – 5 sections
78 rooms on this floor with an average of  3 to 4 sleeping capsule each. This floor is designed for  small families and group living. Stores, shops, and
dinning hall are on this floor also , Social services will be located in offices on this floor for public use.

5102-5140 Farlin Ave
St Louis, MO 63115
Second Floor  2nd  See Sections 1 – 7
109Room on this floor at an average of 4 to 10 sleeping capsules in each room. This floor is designed for larger families. The need to keep families
together is strong at this location, A single parent  with one working teen can save up to build their first house with in 5 years in this program. New
Home Construction starts @ $35,000

The building rest rooms are not in any of the rooms we provide. We will not have special rest room stall in any of the hand cap accessible room
either. ID&C did provide  rest room sections for those located  in 3 locations on each floor.  The rest  room are listed as follows:
FULL BATH (key entry)
1/2 BATH (key entry)
PUBLIC BATH (Key entry )
PUBLIC SHOWERS (key entry )

(Key Entry) is designed for resident use only. This helps with control cleaning and over usage. We will work on resident hording of rest room items.
Some time son is never enough.  All key entries will be a key card. These key cards can be timed out after so long , This is another prevention
method to control use and  hording . Key card has the ability to help us with tracking  down people that refuses to clean up after the use of any
privet restroom.

Sitting rooms are located in  almost every area of the building. All the spaces located in  blue on the floor map is an public space. All public spaces
are under 24 hr surveillance for public safety issues.  Sitting room and areas will be fully furnished to help make you reading and Television view
much more pleasurable.  We will try to make shore our that  these areas haw a sound condensing system to help reduce hallway noise.

An any location with a population this size we will need good rules that are fair not only to office staff , developers but also to resident. Rules affect
everyone different, everyone reasons for why they do such thing may very. So rules will be set accordingly. But ID&C don’t feel that  your
circumstances should justify ignorance in every single case. So Video footage may be used to help settle any and all mattes.
If a situation is brought to the office attention , and if it warrens a video surveillance  recovery situation. Then we will review it.
In privet locations with security cameras the people involve  can only request to review to help solve issues and problem that any resident to guest
will have.  Keeping privet matter  privet is very important to ID&C. Remember a privet camera can be at the entry way to you group room door or in
one of out heath  care offices.

PRIVET Surveillance
Shower  rooms entry
Sitting rooms
Roof top
Privet sitting rooms

PUBLIC Surveillance
Walk ramps
Exits interior/exterior
Roof exits
Public areas


Family  Living  is designed for parents with 3 to 4 kids, these rooms are mostly located on the 1st. floor where the shops and stores are located.
These rooms are mostly designed for children of young  to teen and  Families groups living . We encourage  saving to be able to build a new home
for around $35,000. We will help educate each resident in ways to save and budget in this new way of living.  The average family in this type of
housing can bank up to $C900.00 monthly with 2 working adults in the unit.  
ID&C will help parents design a day to day program to help them prepare their children for a day living  in the new location. We will show parents  
that they only feed their children 11 out the week and the St. Louis Public  school feed them 14 times out the week. So we offer to help design san
serve simple dishes for you child to enjoy.
The Play time for the children will need to change also. When children are out playing. Parents can pack the sleeping clothing in back pack for the
child to take  with them , and when the child come back, they will be directed directly to the showers to prepare  for the evening of quite time and
rest in their sleep[ capsules. . Simple task.  Take the things you will need with you and when you come back go straight to the showers to prepare
for sleep. This process will help with traffic  and prevent parent for needing to repeat the same  system with the children every nigh before bed time.

Stores and Shops
Stores will be managed out to recent student coming out of Trade school or college graduate. This is ID&C way of helping the  people what the US
President  just not recently sent to school. To further their education.
The first floor will have up to 12 stores fronts form may service that meet the needs of the residents.  We will provide social services in some of these
location in the building.  Most shops will run 3 shifts for 24 hour service in this location.
A list of  some of the stores we will be  hosing at this location,
Barber shop.
Service center for good and services.

PATIOS on the first floor are designed to help you out and have a place to just sit back and relax. A place for enjoyment of you community living.

Roof top first view when you walk out will completely blow you away.  Basic landscaping will be applied to the roof top through a contest of 3 area
landscapers. The winner will get a $10,000 contract. Each will be assigned a portion of the roof top t perform their work of art. The over all design
will be the maintenance crew that  manage the roof top land care.
Watching the sun set in the evening time with the sprinklers on will be a breath taking event every time you venture out on to the skyline. Green
technology  will help with  the LID lighting in making an effect of simple  living a dream come true.

1 br.  group living (LL)

3 to br. living (1st floor)

5 to 10 br. living ((2nd floor)

Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC

Portion of this ESG and HUD proceeds will be to create Jobs in the community. We need to create jobs that will last for a long time and
manufacturing a good useful product seem to be the key.
By using portion of the founding ID&C will acquire 4 fiber glass sprayers to help with the manufacturing of the sleeping  capsules. The “modes” will
com for Chins. We will use them to cast the inner walls and doors and outer capsules. By doing this we can continual manufacturing more sleeping
capsule farm work  even after we completed this job at this location. We will go off into other things like (Hot tubs, furnishing, and them art” )  a small
manufacturing  crew will work all 3 shifts to  stock pile the necessary amount of frame work needed to complete the task.
No sooner than the product is finish and out of the mold and inspected, it will be in stalled in it’s position.  We hop to build 4X4X7 containers to  
house a Twin  size bead mattress.  We will be using the back wall as a flat surface to help with any readjustments of any sleeping capsule size to
4X5X7 for a Queen size mattress.  On the 4X5X7 will only need the outer end of the wall s will need to be adjusted and the Door replaced,  the
height  will stay the same.

Optical Effect
Each room will come with it’s own optical effect making each sleep capsule look twice as large as it should. By placing a wall marrow on one wall of
the capsule  the length and size of a wall  (4X7) we can give you the feel of being in a capsule 10X7. A Plexiglas marrow will fill the wall in the
sleeping capsule for this effect. It will help you think you have a second person in the room with you when you roll over. Not only will it look bigger  
you will fell that way too.


Framing the room will get under way, way before the supplies arrive for the prefab portion,  Metal frame work will out line  the building as we put the
skeleton frame work together to hold the fiber glass shells.  We at ID&C feel that we should run three shifts to help this process go as quickly as
possible. We see three shifts working  for on common goal of finishing the job before schedule.   
While the  farm work is  install and erected, the stock piles of fiberglass inner covering will be amassing.

Rent will only increase when energy consumption is running high, we will use LID lighting where ever possible. LID lighting will be in every sleeping
capsule and room.. What else is their to see,  a small bright light can do the job.


ID&C feel that no BIG DINNERS should be prepared in any of out rooms. Most of out room are pack and compact. No major appliance will be in any
of the rooms  except the  small mini appliances we supply.
ID&C will supply a
Micro wave Oven:  for heat  up small portion quickly.

A Small Toaster Oven: For backing and broiling small portions

Small refrigerator ( For  family living only) baby  milk and medication storage.

Any room that is used for a dining hull will be inspected on a weekly basis if needed,
Eating is suggested to be done in restaurant area, posted sitting area or at the restaurant you purchased it at. ID&C would like to help keep the
incest problem away and the smell of rotting food and trash of an organic compound smell out of the living areas.
ID&C don to wish to have folding and plumbing issues with any of the sleeping capsule  room tenets. This is why we designed all of our rest room in
the same spot for use I sections.
Even though a small amount of rooms will have small refrigerators in them, ID&C will not install them all through out the location. (Low consumption  
bills  will lead to low rent)

No Running water sinks in any rooms will be allowed. We will have special designed rest room for different types of use. Privet Full bath, Privet ½
bath . public  rest rooms , Public showers. . ID&C will cover all  rest room types from a simple room with just one sink and toilet too a toilet to shower
I n ½ bath rooms. These rooms will need a key card to gain access, We will put strong incises on cleaning up behind your self when you swipe you
card to enter the privet area.

Free house Keeping equipment and solutions will be provided for every  section and every floor, For any one to use to clean up after them self’s.
Buckets and mops and cleaning  pads will be provider

Do the manner in witch we will be managing this location, ID&C will not be adding a in house Laundry in this location at this time, We at ID&C see an
in house laundry in the near future (2014).
Having a in house laundry will help with storage space for residents. But needing to escape for the Land Lord with  Bug Boxes and Bags of
unnecessary items like Blankets, Shower towels, and dish clothes will be a great use for this location. Being able to furnish these things and have
the resident return them after each use will be a challenge because of what they think is FREE and Hording of simple  gift items.
Yes an in house Laundry will be great  and helping the resident will be ever greater.
Shower as much just leave the towels behind. We will wash them..

Each and every resident will need to take a test to prove that they can climb in  and out safely out of the upper sleeping capsules.
For you added safety we will have a Upper capsule entry test. Those who fail will be asked to sign a letter of understanding that he or she are not
able to climb in or out of  upper sleep capsules and are prohibited to enter into one . If he or she violate this agreement  and a staff member of ID&C
need to come help rescue and assist them in  exiting the upper sleeping capsule . Charges will be added to their account for the help and or
Any person  trying to enter into a upper sleeping capsule and injury them self’s exiting or entering an upper capsule will lead to an video surveillance
review to help determine the situation.  

At the 5105 Farlin ave location we have a Lower Level (LL ) This part of the building can be access by walking ramp or one of the 3 elevators
located each end of the building.
Most of  the rooms at the LL are 22X44 or 22X22 rooms. Each 22 foot room can hold up to 8 sleeping capsules . and some storage space. Mostly
designed for single living  by individuals . Some sections can be section off for creating cluster or groups. Up to 16 individuals can line in one room
at a time  but al in separate sleeping capsules.  Inner sitting rooms that are privet are 22X22  the same as the rooms that holds the capsules that
they would sleep in.
The men and women that lives in this LL section will need to be in school , enrolled in school , working, training, or in a group cluster getting ready
to create a small start up business. HUD and SEG program may very the resident  status for living in the LL.
No Major cooking is allowed on the LL part of this housing unit. Small Microwave and Toaster oven sections will be sections off from the capsules for
use. ID&C request that all eating of BIG MEALS be done in the designated areas.
The Homeless shelter sleeping capsules will be cleaned out on a regular basic. Individuals who rent will need to provide this service them self .
UNLESS the paying resident orders a made to clean their  sleeping capsule at their own expense.


I D & C feel that fix it and go programs don’t work. We feel that it’s nice to help out the elderly is great and all when you repair their home and patch
up holes. We would like to remind you that it’s only a patch and not a complete fix. In the long run ID&C will be that FIX.  We have the ix for the
Wear ,  Tear, Rain  and Time, ID&C feel that we will have the finances and ability to evacuate entire city blocks and move them to out location while
ID&C rebuild those home  for today’s times.  We will free them up for Financing , and Big Banks so they will no longer  need to be involved or deal
with them. ID&C can finance these programs and projects with the help for you. Yes  this is real! And it can become TRUE! ID&C sees a monthly
revenue of $250,000.
Relocate and rebuild CITY BLOCKS then return them to better and new.  At around $35,000 a home we can be rebuilding one block every quarter  
with 20 new HOMES.


Rooms: Each room will have a main entry way , some will have openings and some will have walk ways, We will be using electric locks system with
key cards to help prevent resident re key issuing. Lost keys will be timed out so it can not be reused and a new key card will be given to the
resident. (fees may apply) Each door lock  will come with a battery system for power lose our outages. Some entry doors will swing open  some will
slide back or close when you tell it too.

The public area is Just that ,PUBLIC, any one can venture into the  community stores. ID&C are pretty much sour that the resources at this location
will be  referred to  citizens who don’t live at this location  so all are welcomed. Please remember that it you want to get in to the sleeping areas, You
will need a Key card to enter

We expect the resident to use the power we provide wisely. Over consumption will be noted. With today’s sensory technology will allow us to monitor
any room power consumption.
Compared to old fashion utilities bills to around $300.00 monthly and rent up to $600 monthly on rent. You will only spend $100 for one individual
Going Green will be the way of the way to go. Times when it come to public spacing and purifying the air.  Measures will be taken to add forestry to
the open areas to give it that inside out effect.

Time on computers & TV use  will be sold and or earned through educational programs and educational games on the computer. Computers will be
in every capsule for use.  Resident can with time and earn time for computer  and TV Use through games and educations designs. These games
and applications will be designed to teach, educate , show you how to expand and make the right choices.
ID&C will stream wireless Internet services to all it’s  capsule and public computers through  the location for TV and Internet usage .

Timers on lighting will be essential for capsule use, even time lighting will be used to help with the effect of sleeping when in public areas. Simple
simulation will be used for day and night lighting.

ID&C feel that this program can be finance over night if the red tape wasn’t so red. In two years we should be up and running at the verge of ending
Ur building contract with the lease holder.  In 2 years we hope to be horning our government contract and all the pegs are in place. We want to be
running at 90% occupied and all of our government program that are located with in out location position are filled with new and up coming
personnel straight out of college or trade school. Also We will be looking to support the first time business owners who take upon residents at this
ID&C expects 2000 residents and a monthly revenue of $5000,000.
Resident Transactions to new housing will be at 100%, Moving out will mean shopping spree for most into new homes and everything NEW.
Independent Service Providers will fill the offices and some of the  public sections for expanding.
Building construction will be completed and the Pre-Fab Team will move into their new location producing more and better products designed by
Inventions Designs & Concepts.
The Reviews and referrals will be at all new High when it comes to becoming Homeless in St. Louis and the surrounding counties. We see Lands
lord coming to us for help with tenants that are fallen behind and wanting to avoid the court system.
The Turn around numbers will be low. Returning to this location will just so you can  enjoy life more and not be stressful by the out side world.

This Third year is lot like the second year. ID&C will be trying to open our second location in St. Louis City
This Third year ID&C will be locating it’s FIRST CITY BLOCK to Vacate and rebuild. We see the block  Firs rebuild of taking up to 2 years
depending  the labor force and students coming out of the trade schools in ‘2016’
With things in place in this third year . ID&C see a monthly revenue of $750,000 running at 90% the other 10% is for emergency needs. Unless
HUD  otherwise use of the rooms set to the side for  the other homeless organization use.
In this third year ID&C see a few of the other  Homeless shelter throughout the city converging in the same endeavors as un, even joining up to
support the same design and functions. Bigger is better with 10  to 15 other Homeless provider and supported under  a second Safety NET.
We see a Second location with more offices and rooms to house sleeping capsules.
This Third year will be a year of Unity. If not sooner
Independent reviews by resident will very and just to new living conditions. What people are use to and know will no loner apply to them and
adjusting to change will begin.
Service providers would have expanded to new location closer to the housing department.
Emergency service will be constructed and in place for emergency transportation and emergency help.
Turn over numbers will be Low for slow move in from enjoying all that money the resident will be saving, Most resident on Disability will opt too stay
because of the money they will be saving and the convinces of the living condition.

In the fifth year ID&C wish to on the 3 rd location providing comfortable housing for low to no income families.  ID&C wish to have a $1,million dollar
monthly income in witch we will but majority back into relocating and rebuilding city Blocks.
ID&C see the our self’s as the home creator For to days low to no income housing.  I D&C will be the #1 choice  when it come to emergency housing
and major disasters in the USA.

Turn over will be just people checking in for a rest fro the real worlds environment and need a break for BIG Monthly billing.
When it come to shelter in most major cities you will be calling on ID&C to convert and construct you emergency housing needs.
The Safety net you will come to depend on will be well on it’s way.

Reducing Space $ Pricing
Today’s Homes and coast are never forgiving to the home owners. You spend money for rooms you don’t even use most of the room you have in
you expensive Europe  European  design home.   To help reduce the price you spend on room you hardly even use we have design sleeping
capsules to concentrate the space and footage and reduce pricing. ID&C wish to rent to you one BIG room and place everything you will need to  
live in it in , in it for  you.. There is no need for big living rooms, long halls, and over the head spacing you heat and cool in today’s homes. We
designed our sleeping capsules and room to work with all the rooms spacing. Then we pass the pricing on to  you the consumer.

The average coast will be around 5cents  per foot  a month per person.
Bulk Bill paying
Reduce stress on residents
Reduce stress on Utilities Grant providers.
Reduce stress on Utility Providers.

ID&C will develop a program that will allow land lords to contact us when they have a resident  who Is falling behind in ret to help avoid court coast
and  lost rental time.

This Project an start immediately  and constructions can start NOW. Jobs that we create this month will create jobs for  the next.  Getting the jump
on the stabilization of the fear is first. Then we will be able to reverse the process and show the citizen of St. Louis a new way.
The Fear of needing to call a relative  to put up with you r inconvenient will be a thing of the past. Sleeping in Gym rooms on cots feeling  left out or
the world. Never again.
These locations will earn money and reinvest it in the communities that we collected it out of. These locations will educate individuals on what it may
be like on an moon base in outer space. Education on financing will be so important when living and saving in this type of environment.  Most
resident recovery will be slow and challenging , but ID& C feel that it a journey we will need to go on so we can see and not make the same mistakes.

Working on Solutions on today housing problems.


ID&C want to be the name you  could relay on when it comes to  catching the average  citizen who just so happened to have lost  jobs, lost income,
fallen behind in  their bills, getting ready to do or become any of the things listed above or below.
Homeless            18  years old
Creating a  new business         
Saving capital
A person with learning disorders
SSI income
Disability status
Starting out
Filling bankruptcy
Falling behind in child support
Need money to build a $35,000 home
Future evictions notice

We will be accepting  SEG & HUD homeless listing for assistance in housing and Home development.  The need to venture out after this program
will be on my to locate you new land you will soon be building on.
Single individuals starting out to build a new life away from high energy prices  will see a safe haven at ID&C. We will educate them on how to
manage and pay their bills.

Missouri  Population Homeless Census

People Quick Facts        St. Louis County        Missouri

Population, 2010        998,954        5,988,927

Population, percent change, 2000 to 2010        -1.7%        7.0%

Population, 2000        1,016,301        5,596,684

Persons under 5 years old, percent, 2009        6.1%        6.7%

Persons under 18 years old, percent, 2009        23.5%        23.9%

Persons 65 years old and over, percent, 2009        14.6%        13.7%

Female persons, percent, 2009        52.3%        51.1%

Selected Housing Characteristics        

Margin of Error


Margin of Error
Total housing units        434,789        +/-1,346        434,789        (X)
Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        92.8%        +/-0.3
Vacant housing units        31,090        +/-1,437        7.2%        +/-0.3

Homeowner vacancy rate        2.1        +/-0.2        (X)        (X)
Rental vacancy rate        6.8        +/-0.7        (X)        (X)

Total housing units        434,789        +/-1,346        434,789        (X)
1-unit, detached        313,338        +/-2,197        72.1%        +/-0.4
1-unit, attached        18,686        +/-767        4.3%        +/-0.2
2 units        7,529        +/-659        1.7%        +/-0.2
3 or 4 units        22,273        +/-1,199        5.1%        +/-0.3
5 to 9 units        25,256        +/-1,248        5.8%        +/-0.3
10 to 19 units        24,941        +/-1,278        5.7%        +/-0.3
20 or more units        21,281        +/-844        4.9%        +/-0.2
Mobile home        1,381        +/-289        0.3%        +/-0.1
Boat, RV, van, etc.        104        +/-78        0.0%        +/-0.1

Total housing units        434,789        +/-1,346        434,789        (X)
Built 2005 or later        5,458        +/-415        1.3%        +/-0.1
Built 2000 to 2004        15,805        +/-751        3.6%        +/-0.2
Built 1990 to 1999        39,547        +/-1,105        9.1%        +/-0.3
Built 1980 to 1989        52,303        +/-1,248        12.0%        +/-0.3
Built 1970 to 1979        76,651        +/-1,569        17.6%        +/-0.4
Built 1960 to 1969        82,203        +/-1,761        18.9%        +/-0.4
Built 1950 to 1959        84,315        +/-1,685        19.4%        +/-0.4
Built 1940 to 1949        33,006        +/-1,203        7.6%        +/-0.3
Built 1939 or earlier        45,501        +/-1,369        10.5%        +/-0.3

Total housing units        434,789        +/-1,346        434,789        (X)
1 room        1,676        +/-377        0.4%        +/-0.1
2 rooms        5,769        +/-524        1.3%        +/-0.1
3 rooms        29,578        +/-1,076        6.8%        +/-0.3
4 rooms        64,033        +/-1,595        14.7%        +/-0.4
5 rooms        91,045        +/-1,821        20.9%        +/-0.4
6 rooms        79,881        +/-1,620        18.4%        +/-0.4
7 rooms        59,745        +/-1,304        13.7%        +/-0.3
8 rooms        48,729        +/-1,314        11.2%        +/-0.3
9 rooms or more        54,333        +/-1,028        12.5%        +/-0.2
Median rooms        5.8        +/-0.1        (X)        (X)

Total housing units        434,789        +/-1,346        434,789        (X)
No bedroom        2,016        +/-386        0.5%        +/-0.1
1 bedroom        41,616        +/-1,229        9.6%        +/-0.3
2 bedrooms        122,388        +/-2,080        28.1%        +/-0.5
3 bedrooms        165,642        +/-2,052        38.1%        +/-0.5
4 bedrooms        84,555        +/-1,562        19.4%        +/-0.4
5 or more bedrooms        18,572        +/-799        4.3%        +/-0.2

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
Owner-occupied        296,232        +/-2,221        73.4%        +/-0.4
Renter-occupied        107,467        +/-1,742        26.6%        +/-0.4

Average household size of owner-occupied unit        2.53        +/-0.01        (X)        (X)
Average household size of renter-occupied unit        2.06        +/-0.03        (X)        (X)

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
Moved in 2005 or later        100,310        +/-1,981        24.8%        +/-0.5
Moved in 2000 to 2004        102,344        +/-1,889        25.4%        +/-0.4
Moved in 1990 to 1999        93,959        +/-1,772        23.3%        +/-0.4
Moved in 1980 to 1989        44,853        +/-1,091        11.1%        +/-0.3
Moved in 1970 to 1979        32,259        +/-1,061        8.0%        +/-0.3
Moved in 1969 or earlier        29,974        +/-817        7.4%        +/-0.2

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
No vehicles available        23,958        +/-972        5.9%        +/-0.2
1 vehicle available        144,310        +/-2,017        35.7%        +/-0.5
2 vehicles available        163,314        +/-2,001        40.5%        +/-0.5
3 or more vehicles available        72,117        +/-1,410        17.9%        +/-0.3

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
Utility gas        329,321        +/-2,285        81.6%        +/-0.4
Bottled, tank, or LP gas        4,602        +/-444        1.1%        +/-0.1
Electricity        67,587        +/-1,545        16.7%        +/-0.4
Fuel oil, kerosene, etc.        918        +/-226        0.2%        +/-0.1
Coal or coke        0        +/-114        0.0%        +/-0.1
Wood        631        +/-137        0.2%        +/-0.1
Solar energy        24        +/-27        0.0%        +/-0.1
Other fuel        252        +/-92        0.1%        +/-0.1
No fuel used        364        +/-116        0.1%        +/-0.1

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
Lacking complete plumbing facilities        1,409        +/-318        0.3%        +/-0.1
Lacking complete kitchen facilities        1,944        +/-363        0.5%        +/-0.1
No telephone service available        9,978        +/-836        2.5%        +/-0.2

Occupied housing units        403,699        +/-2,007        403,699        (X)
1.00 or less        400,027        +/-2,030        99.1%        +/-0.1
1.01 to 1.50        3,040        +/-385        0.8%        +/-0.1
1.51 or more        632        +/-166        0.2%        +/-0.1

Owner-occupied units        296,232        +/-2,221        296,232        (X)
Less than $50,000        7,815        +/-629        2.6%        +/-0.2
$50,000 to $99,999        44,784        +/-1,387        15.1%        +/-0.4
$100,000 to $149,999        62,205        +/-1,684        21.0%        +/-0.5
$150,000 to $199,999        57,720        +/-1,521        19.5%        +/-0.5
$200,000 to $299,999        58,484        +/-1,118        19.7%        +/-0.4
$300,000 to $499,999        41,983        +/-973        14.2%        +/-0.3
$500,000 to $999,999        18,748        +/-790        6.3%        +/-0.3
$1,000,000 or more        4,493        +/-358        1.5%        +/-0.1
Median (dollars)        175,000        +/-1,175        (X)        (X)

Owner-occupied units        296,232        +/-2,221        296,232        (X)
Housing units with a mortgage        212,725        +/-1,977        71.8%        +/-0.4
Housing units without a mortgage        83,507        +/-1,424        28.2%        +/-0.4

Housing units with a mortgage        212,725        +/-1,977        212,725        (X)
Less than $300        620        +/-143        0.3%        +/-0.1
$300 to $499        2,953        +/-383        1.4%        +/-0.2
$500 to $699        8,720        +/-545        4.1%        +/-0.3
$700 to $999        35,041        +/-1,281        16.5%        +/-0.5
$1,000 to $1,499        73,158        +/-1,678        34.4%        +/-0.7
$1,500 to $1,999        43,085        +/-1,207        20.3%        +/-0.6
$2,000 or more        49,148        +/-1,162        23.1%        +/-0.5
Median (dollars)        1,396        +/-10        (X)        (X)

Housing units without a mortgage        83,507        +/-1,424        83,507        (X)
Less than $100        162        +/-72        0.2%        +/-0.1
$100 to $199        1,147        +/-206        1.4%        +/-0.2
$200 to $299        8,014        +/-617        9.6%        +/-0.7
$300 to $399        20,300        +/-852        24.3%        +/-0.9
$400 or more        53,884        +/-1,017        64.5%        +/-0.9
Median (dollars)        459        +/-3        (X)        (X)

Housing units with a mortgage (excluding units where SMOCAPI cannot be computed)        212,052        +/-1,965        212,052        (X)
Less than 20.0 percent        88,189        +/-1,846        41.6%        +/-0.7
20.0 to 24.9 percent        34,951        +/-1,124        16.5%        +/-0.5
25.0 to 29.9 percent        25,228        +/-919        11.9%        +/-0.4
30.0 to 34.9 percent        17,164        +/-796        8.1%        +/-0.4
35.0 percent or more        46,520        +/-1,438        21.9%        +/-0.6

Not computed        673        +/-156        (X)        (X)

Housing unit without a mortgage (excluding units where SMOCAPI cannot be computed)        82,954        +/-1,430        82,954        (X)
Less than 10.0 percent        34,844        +/-826        42.0%        +/-0.9
10.0 to 14.9 percent        17,320        +/-807        20.9%        +/-0.8
15.0 to 19.9 percent        10,547        +/-654        12.7%        +/-0.8
20.0 to 24.9 percent        6,084        +/-482        7.3%        +/-0.6
25.0 to 29.9 percent        3,918        +/-412        4.7%        +/-0.5
30.0 to 34.9 percent        2,429        +/-277        2.9%        +/-0.3
35.0 percent or more        7,812        +/-531        9.4%        +/-0.6

Not computed        553        +/-159        (X)        (X)

Occupied units paying rent        103,240        +/-1,658        103,240        (X)
Less than $200        1,468        +/-259        1.4%        +/-0.3
$200 to $299        2,396        +/-346        2.3%        +/-0.3
$300 to $499        6,726        +/-569        6.5%        +/-0.5
$500 to $749        36,401        +/-1,472        35.3%        +/-1.3
$750 to $999        32,726        +/-1,262        31.7%        +/-1.1
$1,000 to $1,499        18,673        +/-1,000        18.1%        +/-0.9
$1,500 or more        4,850        +/-453        4.7%        +/-0.4
Median (dollars)        778        +/-7        (X)        (X)

No rent paid        4,227        +/-432        (X)        (X)

Occupied units paying rent (excluding units where GRAPH cannot be computed)        101,311        +/-1,684        101,311        (X)
Less than 15.0 percent        14,324        +/-915        14.1%        +/-0.9
15.0 to 19.9 percent        13,115        +/-881        12.9%        +/-0.8
20.0 to 24.9 percent        13,122        +/-827        13.0%        +/-0.8
25.0 to 29.9 percent        11,616        +/-825        11.5%        +/-0.8
30.0 to 34.9 percent        9,285        +/-777        9.2%        +/-0.8
35.0 percent or more        39,849        +/-1,370        39.3%        +/-1.2

Not computed        6,156        +/-556        (X)        (X)
1st.  First
Hi Tyrone,
I have been looking over the information you sent for the Farlin property.  I have a few questions/clarifications that will
help me produce some schematic plans for your submittal.

1)       In the color-coded plans, there are green areas at the dock doors.  What do those represent?  Do they have hard
2)      What is the yellow area on the first floor?
3)      The actual column grid spacing is 20’ x 20’, not the 25’ x 25’ you were designing around.  A 20’x20’ module gives
a very spacious single unit, but when divided in half makes a much more cramped situation.  One could still fit 4
sleeping units (stacked 2x2) with a 10x10 “front room”.  I am currently showing 20x20 units.  This allows for ~250
people occupying the family living area, laying things out similarly to how you have shown on the first floor.  If we
double up, we can get ~500 people. (Please look at the note below regarding maximum allowed number of people in
the space.)  Please let me know how you would like me to proceed.
4)      I need more clarification on your vision for “condo living”.  I see ganged red areas, but I don’t know what they

Depending on how the building code views this situation, we are either allowed 435 people/floor or 1,740 people/floor.  
This is the difference between “congregate living facility” (the lesser amount); and “dormitory” (the greater amount).  
Also, the number of restrooms required by building code is approximately 1 fixture/20 people (+/- this is an average for
both men and women) and the number of showers is 1 shower or tub/8 people.  This assumes a “dormitory”
classification.  Otherwise, if each module is considered a family unit, there must be one fixture and one shower or tub
per unit.

Also, is this a supervised facility?  Or is this an “at will” come/go sort of situation?  I think with so many people, safety
and security will be of utmost concern, and you will need to consider that in your plans.

I will wait to proceed until I hear back from you.

Communities Regional Planning
Emergency Housing For Disaster  regions  throughout the USA.  ID&C can deliver
Emergency Housing Tailors to any location in the US in 8hr notice.  We hope to  have storage
stations located throughout the USA for FAST and Quick Emergency service in times of need.
ID&C has designed a Trucking system that can combined TWO tailors together to make one large room that
could hold up to 40 people for over  one year or longer. We  will also develop a worker and group living for
individuals  that need to be rebuilt  so the resident can stay in the area to get settled back in.

These Tailors can be modified  to be used as just one building  or as unit of building connected together with all
the living amenities  .

Thank you
Tyrone Austin  
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With  this Resort  Sleeping Container  program we can help each
American own a Home in 5 years , with no Banks, No 30 year
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with just one person working and saving.

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Why Waite? Support this program, It would be like living on a
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Sleeping container built for Families , Groups or Individuals to help them
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Comfortable 4X4X8 sleeping chamber so you can
BANK that RENT to build a NEW HOME
When Theres A National Disaster
We Will Be There First
Your Choice
The Old Way  -Vs-  A Better Way
The building is worth 3.6 mill and we wish to use this as our matching founds.
3.6 million will be the value to have you first resource center to fight what use to look like the end of the world for most people. Help us make
EVICTION a thing of the past.

The owners of the Location on 5105 Farlin have agreed to the term as soon as SEG matches the founds are match up to 3.6 million.

Inventions Designs & Concepts  will manufacture  the capsules personally and framing, ventilation , wiring(subcontracting and assembling of entire
complex into a refuge for the one who fall off behind.
The  new starting point in modern day living “Sleeping CAPSULES” and general areas for social gathering.  These changes will  drop the coast of
living in those who live in those old out dated homes.  Each capsule will have one electrical out let, one  Touch screen  TV  Monitor, wall marrow ,
storage  racks,  clement control, ventilation, smoke decorator, shelf, controlled  lighting and beading.

We will be filing this location  under Hotel and Hospitality
On site Laundry (2013)
Emergency Room (2014)


Sleeping Capsules The New way of Living

The new age of living is today modern world. A piece that allow  you  to relax and plain out your day. No More evictions No more Court dated for
land lords who lives better than you do off of your hard earn dollars. When the agreement has been broken between  the renter and  the land lord
because of unseen unemployment situations. No love is shown when it comes to retrieving that piece of land. When for over 12 months your dollars  
slowly seeps through the wall  of that  location that the owns want back so badly.
If you liver dike this  you need to think of only one  thin and  that’s Sleeping Capsules. Cheep and affordable.  Single  person capsule will be starting
at $99.99 a month.  It’s the slowest cost  ever possible.  If  you make $16,000 a month  this  place   will be a dream come true.
Restaurants:  No food meals  cooked in rooms. Food served 24 Hr a day at dinners.
In house Dinning:  Small meals can be heated in room. Microwave  &  toaster oven.
Free Bottle Water: St. Louis has  the best tasting water in the USA. Why not bottle it?
Lighting : LCD lighting will be the money saving tool when it comes to lighting.

The Joint Cluster between
ID&C Block And Amy2 Arthritic

ID&C CFR CCR ARO POC  revenue for  this location is over $250,000 monthly not counting the rental spots for governmental office and social
service departments for each floor.  

Floor Plains
The floor plains pictured in this information  will show the division of the space if the building. All living quarters as stacked  to help conserve space
and energy. The option of  presenting a reclusive sleeping  and working stations for individual in group living will not be a problem when you
becomes  the safety net for millions with a great get back on your feet program. The revenue will be annually  6million with HUD  section not yet
determined as yet.  X? room = HUD organizations  X? rooms = ID&C. With over 1500 rooms to divide up .
Major housing facilities Goals for Starting up.
$500,000  -   pre fab designs
$1,000,000 – construction
$500,000  - Furnishing
$100,000  - accrues
$2,1000,000 total
$1,000,000 – miscellaneous
$500,000  - Licensing & Fees   

$3,600,000 Building Value
$3,600,000 SEG


Start of Project: With the help for our partners and ESG/HUD  doing business together to complete this in house project in  the North City Of St.
Louis.  This project will be  the safety net for the renter and Home owner for the city and surrounding areas.
The Location
How many people you know that makes $12hr that still
living from paycheck to paycheck ?
What do you think 10.10 will do? We American need a
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$10.10 is not a good ideal.
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