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This is the quick list of information on how to use the hands free style on Fatt Trixx 3 in 1 handbag.

The Hands free style conversion is simple to do. Just un-snap the handle apart. You will notice the second  handle  that is still attach to the
hand bag handle with our patented  inner elastic string configuration. You can stretch the elastic string up to 3X the size of the handles. You
will notice the black liner dot  that keeps the elastic string from getting tangled and dis configured. Don't worry you wont even notice it there
when you have the bag on an in place.

You should place you arm into the opening that is not  attached to the bag first. This way  you can just the shoulder strap into the position you
most desire.  Now pull the other end of the bag around  your back and place you other arm into the hole opening of the hand strap and slide it
into place over your shoulder.

You will now experience the
HANDS FREE Style of Fatt Trixx. You now will have the freedom to use both of your hand as you wish.
You will now notice that the organizer is directly under the arm and out of your way. Opening up the Organizer is a snap. Just pull the double
zipper around from the top to the bottom and fold it out and over the chest. Now you can get to all of you personal items that is in you Unisex
handbag with out stopping and sitting the bag down.  
Most important, you don't need the cellphone clip linked to yo hip any more. The headphone wire will stay up and out the Way from what ever  
your doing. No more getting it overlapped in the safety belt in your car of snagged by a crowner or door knob.
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Don't Forget that Fatt Trixx Has three look and styles, We get a lot of feed back on the Panted Hands Free
look but the URBAN in the LUS Edition is getting a lot of attention too.  People love the way you can store
things in the organizer ans grab a pen or pencil  with out digging in you purse or jacket pockets.  
The world is speeding up, You need to keep up with
The Urban Look.
Unisex Handbag
by Fatt Trixx
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Free leather driving  #1 in the
world best hand bag on the
market, men women best on the
market,as seen on TV Television
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Flat 2 part Smartphone bag
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$129.00  Non Leather Unisex bags,3
Non Leather  Econ Bag systems.
$99.00 Unisex bag set , White or Black.
Submit your smart
phone with tablet
size with each Unisex
3N1 bags,
$79.99  Flat Unisex bag system with convertible Hands
FREE shoulder strap. For the two stage feel.
Non Leather , Tablet holder  do not detach.
Non Leather , Tablet holder  do not detach.