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Receive a free Pair of sporty driving gloves when you purchase a Fatt Trixx
(LUS) Unisex hand bag. You will have a choice of matching the gloves with your
handbag or just change it to match something else. You will be happy to know
your protected with a safe barrier between your hand and the surface you come
in contact with. These gloves will help keep you germ free when you open up
doors, grab a shopping cart, pushing the crosswalk button or elevator, .Using
handrails, public restroom's, collecting money, fast food counter tops, car
doors, soda fountain buttons, and many other that we forgot to mention.

We have three colors of gloves to chose from. We have the soft and well fitting
machine washable gloves. They look and feel just like real leather and the price
is right.

Next we have is the real leather gloves that also has a real price tag on them.
You pay for the real thing but with our glove, you buy  one  and the second is

The choice is yours, please select the brand and color you would like to have
protecting your hands from germs, bacteria, and diseases that lives on the
surface of the thing you touch.
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Protection from the Swine Flue

The Swine Flue became a problem in the winter of 2008 as it caused panic through
the US.  I for one did not worry about it even though I used public transportation to

Why you ask?


I use hand protection every time I step out side my home. I did not  use the hand
sanitizer liquids you rub on you hands. NO Not one time. I wore my Environmental
Hand Gloves designed by my company. These Hand gloves help protected me from
the people who were digging in their noise, picking their lips. Can coughing in their
hands and grabbing the things I grab on every day.

Fatt Trixx Environmental Hand Gloves help keep me out of the Doctors office and
emergency room last year and they can do the same for you. So what are you
waiting for? Are you waiting to forget you hand sanitizer at home or at work then
stop off at the grocery store  only to grab a push cart that the last person touched.
Did that person wash their hands before they came out the rest room?
You don’t know do you?

Pick up a set of gloves to day.

Did you just push that key pad with your bare finger?
Did you just grab that gas pump with your bare hands?
Did you just wash your hands and pushed open the door to get out the rest room?
Did you just push open the restaurant door with your palm?

I can do this all day. Bu it’s the strange look you get when you walk in the room with
the gloves on that gets to me.

While getting on the Metro link transient train her in St. Louis. It  was hot and it was
a Baseball game  being held in the inner city. So me and my kids crowded on to the
pack car and I made a lout statement about grabbing onto the poles and over
hangs. Right before I started to talk a gentlemen standing halfway down the car
coughed into his hand and re grasp the over hang bar. I made a statement about
holding onto the handrails on crowed buses and trains and so many people were
shocked to see my children with over sized gloves on their hands while holding on
to the safety poles provides.
The reaction we saw just proved my point. You need to protect you hand and your
self as well as your family when your out in public.

My I offer swine flue protection to anyone?

Fatt Trixx Environmental Hand gloves are machine washable and can grip to almost
any surface when clean. No Hand glove on the market are Washing machine
washable and can keep your hands dry when it’s raining out. Don’t’ wait. Order now.

Fatt Trixx
Are machine
washable and can
grip to just about
any surface. This is
a vital means to
protecting you from
the H1N1 Virus that
causes the Swine
In the dead of the
winter, the last thing
you want to do is
put a ice cold liquid
on you hands
making them cold as
ice.  You only need
to wear you
environmental hand
gloves to protect
you from that young
man who just wiped
his nose with his

The barrage of
news stories
about swine flu
can leave you
feeling scared
and confused,
with a host of
questions. What
is the swine flu?
How does it
spread? Can
taking about the
flu prevent this
strain of
influenza? Should
I cancel my
vacation to
Mexico? Need the
answers to your
most pressing
questions. Buy
How  to Get
Post and  let it
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