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We can Create 3320 jobs with your Help
By Tyrone Austin - Aug 26, 2010 8:00:49 PM ET
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Tags: $1.00, Austin, crate, Donate, help, inventions Designs & Concepts, invest, investing, job, jobs, Obama, releasable, Tyrone, USA, work, workers
Creating 3320 Jobs In US. City. Greetings! Would you be willing to help collect donations? We at Inventions Designs & Concepts are collecting Donations to help
create jobs in the USA. For every $2,000 we raise through donations we at ID&C will create one Job for a US Citizen.  We are collecting $1.00 usd  donations at
www.fatttrixx.com to help out please go visit and click on the link that say ”Inventions Designs & Concepts creating New Jobs.”  With the $$ logo behind the link.
Every $1.00  collected will go to creating new  jobs starting in the spring of 2011.   There is something bothering me. Larry Dill @Minority Business  Council here
in St. Louis  has a Loan application that has a contract that states that for every $20,000  they loan out. You must create one(1) new job.  This is not acceptable.
Larry Dill and his team are sitting on Millions and are not doing anything with it. We need to put an end to this. It dose not take $20,000 to create one job. Truly it’
s less than $2,000 to complete this task. Why are thy sitting on all that cash when we at Inventions Designs & Concepts can create 10 jobs with $20,000.   Invest
($2,000 usd = 1 Job ) $1.00 donations (2000 donations  = 1 Job)   Please Donate or Join in as an investor. It’s tax deductible and is 100% Guarantee or 100% of
you money back if you can not see this project working. Go to our web site www.fatttrixx.com and click on $$Logo$$ for Inventions Designs and concepts.   This
spring will show you and create between 10  to 13 new jobs our self only using our revenue we have saving out of our own pockets. .   Join in and invest or
Donate $1.00 to a new job for a hard working American. ID&C we solve Problems.   Quick Notes:  Gather the people that getting an EIC for 2010 Taxes in groups
and help them Invest their Money This Spring.  Teach them to Spend that money to Make Money  not just to have things.  

$5.000 per Group  with up to 5 people  investing their Tax money will = to 1 part. That 5 people investing will group with 20 others (20 people  = to 4 parts) in that
same city to have the total of $25,000 for each of the cities listed on our web site.

Yes one person can put up  the total amount $25.000  to control their city

We will show them (inverters,  donors , citizens and Government) how to Hirer Vendors to collect money  and split it 50/50 with you.  3320 jobs will be created in
this process.  

Pleas feel free to lock you city down in this venture and send $5.00 to hold your spot. Money will not be collected until after the last day of Tax season, but you
can put up sooner if you feel the need. First come second may not get served. .


Donate $1.00

www.fatttrixx.com  and see some of our  ventures he had in the past.   We At inventions Designs & concepts  solves problems and create Jobs . Join us.  Help us.
Watch us.

Thank you  

best regards

Tyrone Austin (Designer)

Trust is a Big word these day. so we would like to put this to the test. If you cant see this 3320  New Jobs in the near feature. Please contact the BBB (Better
Business  Burial)  and we will disclose the information only to them before the dead line of "the end of Tax Season" Donate $1.00

When we explain  this information to them . The BBB can relay to you all if this is a GREAT  VENTURE or not with out disclosing the project to you. We at
Inventions Design & Concepts are 100% positive that we will get the Thumbs up on this 3320 Job Boost for our country and all the people  that it would be helping
out in the up coming years.

If the US Government funded this program we have design it will coast the tax payers around $6,640,000.

That comes to 1328 investing groups  with $5,000 usd to invest in a total 251 cities we have listed.

That's 5 inverters in each city  with $5,000  each to invest. Or 5 people with $1,000 to invest to make one Inverter in this program witch needs to add up to $5.000

Donate $1.00  or invest  for a Vendors share @ www.fatttrixx.com .


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2010 Tax Returns Up Dates  |  Report to Admin Reply
By Tyrone Austin, 0 seconds ago (Updated: 0 seconds ago )
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Inventions Designs & Concepts

2010 Tax Information for you the consumer.
Before you blow you 2010 Tax refund you may need to read this.

If you will be filing a EIC this year and may want to join this program that will help you make money off of you money instead of junking it off or pinching it all away
just to wait until next year to try not to do it again.

What if I told you that you could make that same money each and every month turning that once a year Tax refund in to a Tax return every month for 9 months?
Would you keep reading on?

We at Inventions Designs & Concepts would like to inform you that you should spend you money to make money instead of spend it just to have things. Those
thing will lose value and get outdated sooner than you think. Here is a better way to do things for 2010 Tax season. The better way is now here and you can make
that choice now. No! this is not a stay at home internet job that will promises you things the promoter cant give to you. Like most people you may say "If you
Internet business is so successful why do you just hire people to do it for you and keep all the money your self." Or to be asked by an internet stay at home
company to "Buy a copy of our web site and you will make thousands" NO!
If you agree with that much read on, YES!

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