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Tyrone Austin has lived in the city of St.Louis for over 40 years, He
has served as a St.Louis city lifeguard for 6 years looking over his
fellow St.Louis citizens. Through out this time, Mr. Austin was
frequently called on to solve the city pool at city pool that has issues.
He never actually had to save anyone because he was so protective
over the lives of others.
While lifeguarding, Mr. Austin assisted countless Boy Scouts in
receiving their swimming badges while working at Cherokee Recreation
Center, He also gave lessons to hundreds of non swimmers.
Back in early 90s a group of orphans swimming in the Meramec River
had an unfortunate accident when 3 of the orphans had drowned, one
wanted to assist the other’s life, and lost his life also. The life guard
that was called into action was none other then Mr. Austin to look over
the remaining orphans at a privet camp.

Mr. Austin province services for elderly resident at a retirement home
as a Maintenance Tec. This led to a supervisor job at a St.Louis area
Nursing home where he solved problems that the last Maintenance
Tec. supervisor could not in a matter of months till the job was too

“I’m Tyrone Austin and I have been serving St.Louis Metro Politian
area since my wife passed away. I’m now left with 3 children and 2
have disabilities. One child is profoundly deaf and one has Autism
which is very difficult to deal with. Now I’m learning sign language and it’
s coming along slowly. “My little girl is teaching me”.

Mr. Austin wants to be mayor of this fine city so he can repair the
damage that has been done to it’s economy. Mr. Austin has a program
that will put Billions in banks in the greater St.Louis area that he plans
on funding through his HHO program. When this program is completed
$32.1Billion will go into St.Louis city to promote job growth and small
business StartUps for over 20 years “
You are invited to " Austin For Mayor"
St. Louis City meeting place for a NEW ST. Louis
Meet Mr. Austin every Saturday
Sat, January 26, 10:30 AM
St Louis
Are you going? Live video Q&A session.

Watch it on your Cell phone , Pallet , Home computer , Digital
Internet TV, but only on Google+.
Watch it  LIVE on “Tyrone Austin” YouTube channel Live  and
“AUSTIN for Mayor of St. Louis“ Live on Google Hangouts. Every Sat,
10:30 AM

Call a friend and put the phone to the speaker, there going  to want
to hear this if they don't have a computer,

Quotation  by
Terry Martin @ University of Missouri
“Great concept, lets see what political force can stop it?”
Support me  and I will create JOBS, Reduce Crime , Fix our schools,
Bring Business to our City, Reduce Gas Prices at the pump. I will also
Reappoint some of Mayors Slay cabinet that support “Austin for Mayor of

It's time  for Slay to step down and Reed step to the side. They both
been to my web site,  Mayor Slay RE-QUOTED one of my  sayings in
2011.'"I can create one(1) job with every $2,000 you donate"  Ask the
Board of Alderman who saying is that, ask HUD who saying is that, Ask
the Director of the Federal Curt Building  in St. Louis  who saying is that.
I'm going to fix this  city?

The city of St.Louis received USA Recovery Act Money $1.3Million ,
“Where are the Jobs”

If what  some are saying that "it's a crime that the shape this city is"  then
Slay and Reed are both guilty.
One watched the other one do it??   That's a crime in most cases. lol  
We have programs that will stomp out 80% of all St.Louis City Crime.
Slay knows! .... STOMP IT OUT!!  

Reed Step to the side.  Mayor Slay  please apply for a Job with one of
those companies that you gave a tax incentive to, They will hirer you for
those kick back, lol  
What was it? $300 Million (St.Louis Center) and only 200 Jobs.
We have program  for all listed below with Job Creation attached
Jobs creation,
Neighborhood rehab,
Recycling 80% of St.Louis Trash.
Crime Prevention .
Device replacement for unemployed criminals.
Jail reform,
Community Building.
Gas Reduction,
School improvement
Education Improvement
Home Owner ship in 5 year/not 30 year mortgage.
City Home Construction and maintenance.

. This is How we pay for it all  DEMO=

With low GAS price at the pump(under $1.99gl) St.Louisains will save
more and spend more with manufactures driving down unemployment.   
Bring Big Business to St.Louis because of the changes we incurred and
all the money we will son have to spend.

“Mr Austin  What would  you have don to fix the
Ofallon Par Recreation center issue”.
First off the Alderman who ask for it would have been the first Employee
holding  down the forth.
Second people in St.Louis City Courts for Traffic, and other  would have
be enlisted  for community service to  hold down those position  under
that Alderman.
Third  Neighborhood volunteers  would have been enlisted to help out.  
Hells the power been on the entire time!!

“Support and vote for Austin for Mayor”
Club,1 (855) 204 4691
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