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Tyrone Austin
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We are looking to apply for the largest grant possible. We at inventions Designs & Concepts has a
program that will end
Build communities,
Create jobs in manufacturing and recycling,
Free Energy,
Reset the renters market,
Create competition in the Healthcare industry,
Create competition in the Goods and services ,
Help  land owner  and home owner up date Buildings  to receive the Free energy devices,

Yes all of this will need to be done to help reset the U.S Economy.

Note Electric Free Energy devices put power back into the grid, and revenue collected will also help
in financing  this projects to other cities and states.

Help us  Help The Country
Best regards
Tyrone Austin.

allow all federal employees to vote  for us on Pepsi Refresh Grant for the month of October to  win
the $250,000 Grant. Vote for "Create 125 New Jobs that pays $2,000 monthly"
Thank you.
Wee need that founding. to help keep special interest out.

Imagine living in an environmental controlled world and being able to venture out as much as
you wish.  
Resetting the Economy is not a BAD Word.
Knowing when is enough  and you had enough is  what you need be thinking of.   Haven’t you had

Do you want to had work your entire lives and not totally enjoy the world as it is today.  It’s  a Great
time ahead,  But  in order to enjoy it we need to make some changes.  Look at how our new baby
boomers were living and learning. It’s a new world with technology and eye opening opportunity.  Just
think of the things that has yet to come.    Like being able to see if your child has checked his home
work. Teachers can send home work to

Enjoy the mall the way is was designed for.  Building a city within  a shopping mall is the only way to
save them. With these plans and meatheads I have put to gather we can end homelessness in the
city and surrounding counties,  By creating permanent  living quarters in shopping malls is a great
way to re set the economy. We can create a better way of living and get people back to shopping.  
By making living affordable  a women with 4 kids can spend up to 400 a month and still live
comfortably. While also just working   5.5 hours a day  for  5 days out the week. Or 8 hour  for 3.5

“And there is a way to take them all off the power grid”.

We  will make your one try at living  this life a nice place to live e and work.  Your children will take
pride in learning because the world distractions will be behind them.
We can fill an empty space with life and hope. It’s  time to re organize and put life back together.

Sleeping pods and living Quarters is all you will ever need so you can enjoy the mall and the world
beyond. ..
I enjoy solving problems. Because something like this is easy to fix.

Resetting the economy is  not hard to do. You just need to create some competition to get the
general price down. If that product or person wish to keep running  a business , it will need to make
the adjustments or come to the new reality,  Change is coming and it need to be done now.!

Simple tactic,
Making  living affordable,
Change the work week to fit the new way of living.  
Create a cluster of hope and build on it..
Make transportation more affordable.
Create more jobs from the living, saving and profits of the cluster of people,
Feed the money back into new jobs.

Each pod will be equipped with a  touch screen monitor and key board,  No running water  or food
freezing units in side pods. Things like that will be kept in the living quarters not sleeping. We should
not lay down and eat.
It will be like living on a space ship.

Those who would still try to live in today’s economy will soon convert to suffer the ways of old. But on
the other hand, the wealthy who are holding the cash my open up the flood gates at any time and
put the money back into the  world.  But still will be able to conserve their way of life by stopping the
new competition cold. This will keep the working, working for them, and not them selves

Change is coming.
Just open up the got darn DOOR!
Resetting  the Economy is not a Bad word.

Readjusting your living.

.Being a land owner that takes all of his rental income and is not able to keep up the property Needs
to adjust the way they live so that they can keep up. If your living expense is so high that you need 2  
or more rental  property to live off of you need to adjust. If the people that rent from you can live and
still pay you rent, then show shall you.
You need to update your property and adjust to using that income to repair you  rental property. If
you say you can’t you need  to adjust. No one should need to pay extra to heat and cool a home that
is not properly insulated.

If you have a land lord that will not comply wit helping make you living more affordable.
They will need to do two things.
They will need to Lower their rent  
Give the property a make over so utilities are lower.
Or give the property up because they cant afford to manage it.

Some property managements will not want to hear this because change is coming . But you will have
the Options of living in a controlled climate environment with affordable coast of living with out high
living expenses.
This is the renters Competition to help lower the coast of living .

Getting off the power Grid.  

This method has been proven and tested.
Now it’s time to put it to work in the fight to help cut the coast of living.  In resetting the economy we
will need a clean affordable  power source. This device can be power by your home electric  or go off
the grid, it’s the energy company decision to split the work day by 3 offering more hobs with a 5.5
hour work week.
This device will  help with the lowering of food production all the way up to delivery to your table.
This product will make  heating and cooling your home the cheapest ever imagined.  Two electric
generator with two
turbo water pumps and a third (3) running off a 220V system tide to one of each or the smaller two  
Turbo Pumps that’s running off of 110V.  The Black Rubber container holds the water and stretch to
create Hi pressure after the pump has suck some of the
H3O out they system. A antifreeze is added
to keep the hydrogen from getting Volatile.
Power every home for a lower coast, send power back into they system.

Phase 1 Get financing
Phase 2  Present steps to achieve goals.
Phase  3 The walk through .
a)        Secure manufactures to supply us with quality product so that we can venture off on our own
in 12 months.
b)        The manufacture  will manufacture  extension poles and 50 cc scooters.
c)        We will only deal with the scooter manufacture only to become dependent in our own  by
recycling out all bikes every three years .
d)        Re assembling them in the same year.
e)        No one will own our bikes so we can maintain employment in recycling and rebuilding them
Phase  3 Implanting the Japanese sleep pods into the empty shopping malls to bring back business
and re set the housing renters and buyers market in the heaviest hit areas in most unemployed  and
impoverish  cities.
a)        enlist workers to build US style Sleeping pods with all the amenities of today’s electronics.
b)        Teach fiber glass constructions of sleep stations and living rooms settings.
c)        These place s can be single bead room up to families of 5 .
d)        These sleep stations will be for eating and sleeping when ever needed.
e)        Individual can venture out in to the mall at any time.
f)        Business will fill their other un rented spaces.
Phase 4 introduce a new power source in the community.  Phase 3 will end homelessness in the
cities. Witch will allow phase 4 to help reduce the coast of eating and living in the homes that are still
a)        design and test pump generator at
Ranken tach.
b)        Design ACHWT “air conditioning Hot water tank” at
Ranken Teck..
c)        While designs are being produces the pods will be constructed. It’s important to test and build
these products at the same center and get started in training in manufacturing and Installation.
d)        Start installing by the end of 2011 on promises of parts of home owners income tax Checks
and Renters Income tax check  with legal renting rights to the product. No need to travel if
replacement is moving into homes and renters are in this same program.
e)        No need to constantly keep installing and un installing systems if it’s not needed.
f)        Those device will only follow if needed.
g)        The students of Rankin Tech will be allow and license to remove and install these products.
Phase 5 Start taking a small portion of major industry customers to get them to lower prices and
switch to a 5.5 hour work week.  Or 8 hour  3.5 days a week.
a)        if a manufacture will not spend with us we don’t spend with them
b)        If a manufacture wont allow us to buy we don’t spend with them.
c)        If an manufacture in affected areas will not switch to a work week system we will not buy from
d)        We must remember that the unemployment and homelessness only persist in certain areas.
e)        The pods will help adjust living  and wage earnings.
f)        The coast of living and consuming will decrees in the pods areas.
1)        Start Ice Cream Venders and create 3300 in 3 months.
2)        Use the profits to create more jobs.
3)        Repeat these steps and the ones that fallow in 251 cities in the USA.
4)        Tapping into public transportation by  offering  the use of 50cc Scooters with AC and Heat to
the Bus riders.
5)        We will offer to cut down on the wait and  at around the same price of time lost and wasted.
6)        To keep price down we make this offer directly to the bus riders on the Bus stops.
7)        Venture into  business that are effected by the economy  in those areas.

Overall objective
The purpose of this project it to help reset the economy, Create  jobs with services and
manufacturing and provide free energy to reduce the coast of food, goods  and services.
Join US.

We wish to create 3 construction  Programs . One that will up date home in hardest hit
neighborhoods. Not in order
Construction 1) Re wall and window and install ACHWT and Free Energy Boxes.
Construction  2)  Start building new US style sleeping pods in Ghost Town malls to bring back
Construction  3)  Create a work force some what  like the US Armey that Build , build, build in fallen
city  for new and batter family dwellings. It will be an enlistment.
Founding for these project will partially come form the manufacture and business that are up and
running in this economy  through the Phase 4  program.

We  will make this program work and build it’s self  in financing and in members. How?
People sleeping in the pods will have more to invest in to creating jobs.  Working less and earning
more is always good.
Our first year of working will be set on this time line,
1.        Creating jobs selling Ice Cream ,
2.        Get portion of public transportation  revenue.
3.        By fall move on the Mall project, Be ready  to build your own building  and call them malls.
4.        When mall  open for business . Help all resident gain employment.
5.        Get employers to offer the new work week.
6.        Watch this program spread with ACHWT and Free Energy manufacturing .
7.        Build  Manufacturing plant to build new style scooters.
8.        Build recycling program to re cycle bikes off the streets.

No industry will be spared when it comes to compactions  to help re set this US Economy .

If we had a slogan we would say “Yep”  Your Enterprising Programs.
By Inventions Designs and Concepts.
Constructed and Outlined by Tyrone Austin  USA.
All devices you see
are under the same
concept for Free
but in different

Split 2 Tank 4
chamber System

Single Tank 5
Chamber System
Go see 4,000 Jobs
Go see  5,000 Jobs
Go See 13,000 Jobs
Go see 4,000 Jobs
Go see  5,000 Jobs
Go See 13,000 Jobs
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Resetting the US Economy