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I’m locking this Ideal DOWN !

Creating jobs will be my passion.  I love my country and I wish that everyone could succeed. And at
this moment in my life I will try to work for JUST THAT! Everyone should be able to enjoy. Everyone!
I’m am going to show you how to get money and create JOBS. Two4one, we can't lose.
Now if you went to my home page and seen the population numbers next to the city of your CHOICE,

Now Picture you getting a fraction of that populations to show love you and spend with you.  Let’s
say, some what? 3 to 6 times a month, but can also bring in $20,000 up to $24,000 a month

I got the perfect plain and it will create Jobs to around, bout 3300 people. AND!!! Have a possible
lead of project that will snatch 10% of the Bi-State Development Revenue?
All in one,,,,

Just pick a city and LOCK it DOWN!

Simple program and who ever wish to want a Job, will pitch in. Oh yes,,, Not have a Job , Want a
Job!  That’s right, the ones who’s going to be coming to get to work.
It’s Just That Lovely.

It’s going to be one of the Most  Beloved Jobs Next Year. 100%
You know Why, Because your going to help create it….. And we will slowly start to learn something
so special.

Come Join me.

Then you can ask me what?

The Five People are the Five that investing in that city and it’s workers. Putting up $5,000 each. It
can be one person  or a cluster  with one head. No More.  The Voting system  will occur there
amount you.   It Works as simple as 5 people voting on one Rep for  the City Head.  Every one
makes  the same amount. The Head  replacement  or Body,  is an extension of how the head may
think. The City Head will  Run it or Appoint a person  to do so in said person place. Keeping all
things managed.

That’s a 1,2 3 punch and your up and running.  Watch it grow….. Go find a mascot or something. At
this Point you will know the plain.  While the factories are filling the orders we will be getting  the
tables ready ,  so to speak.  (Inside)……???
Know how I know?  Because your  going to  just understand it completely and!!! have a chance to
meat the President  because you help create 3300 New well paying  jobs in short a short!! period of
time with so very little.


Pick a city , And wait on tax time if you don’t got  it. !
Call the BBB and ask them to ask me  what it is.  Bet I get Two thumbs up.  And if BBB could talk to
the President him self , them whisper in his ear.  He’s going to smile….
“Keep me in formed”
Watch it blow up and be HOT!
Pick you a spot!

Yes.  I think so …..

Why not. Who else is going to pull up your boot straps? Who the Bill collectors!  Ha! They not going
no where!  Tell them  to watch this., and get them out your lives . Oh yes and the blood suckers
who will proudly write you straight in to another LOAN with Credit.
Games over BUDDY!!!

Inventions Designs and Concepts specialize in problem solving. Why because we love to do it. Not
because were using our own money or yours, it’s because it’s a  programs that work. The Job factor
is just an added bonus.

We got to have those Added Bonuses. You get some and the people get something back that’s real
and enjoyable.  Appreciation is a powerful gift, and it’s time to give and’ receive, sit back and watch
it grow, and grow.   

Don’t get this confused….  It will be the directions we need to go in. We will see how the public will
appreciate it.  So if you only put up $5. Buck's to jump in an blow your TAX money  or get caught up
in one of these oddities  you will be missed. But you will have some good table talk…..  Lucky are
those have cheeked the program out through, asking the BBB to ask us if it’s ok to stay in. THEN
DO SO!  If not, the $10 (B List) will pounce.    And they might got the whole thing, because we are
asking BIG money to reinvest.  That will knock some of your little crowds, RIGHT OUT!  
So Lock it in, if you love it. You won’t BLOW those Taxes.

Bill collector? What Bill collector
Were not going to forget them. But when you here the program you may fall to sleep on them for a
second. So here are some tips to help you save so money if you need to save. Stop heat rooms
you don’t live in all season long. Make shore the building owner insulate those wall this winter. It’s
going to be COLD. You need not to be blowing you extra saving cash on heating you home. If the
walls are out dated or never had it. The Property owner should lover the rent to adjust the coast .
Until the energy updates are made. You should not have to pay extra to heat where live or cool you

Think about your cell phone and all the other people who have one around you that have one.  
Unless your in some serious business getting millions on the clock. You may need to …………… l’m
not going to say it!!……. You make the judgment.  
It’s Hard to save a buck…!!!  So those Taxes be slipping away. But! Before you blow it. Pick a city
and call it your own. Get the ear full and come  to the table.
Inventions Designs & Concepts
The Table
Inventions Designs & Concepts
The Table
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